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Paul Jenkin
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0498 633 464
Fairfield & Surrounding Suburbs, Victoria
Remedial Massage is effective for treating a wide range of conditions - Headache, shoulder restrictions, hip and knee issues, tennis elbow & much more...

Remedial Massage Therapies Understanding the importance of massage therapy is why all the treatments offered at Fairfield Massage Therapy are designed to be therapeutic and an excellent means of easing annoying aches and muscle tension, facilitating greater joint function and restoring flexibility, along with helping to rid chronic pain and correct posture. Integrated Remedial Bodywork Advanced musculoskeletal techniques accumulated and developed over many years resulting in very thorough and effective sessions. These Remedial sessions can assist with long-standing chronic conditions, postural alignment issues and various common complaints including: Headaches and Neck pain, Back pain, Shoulder pain and restrictions, Hamstring injuries, Piriformis Syndrome/ Sciatica symptoms, RSI and Tendonitis such as Tennis Elbow and many other ailments. Encompassing Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Transverse Friction, Joint Mobilization & Muscle Energy Techniques, Assisted Stretching/ PNF, Therapeutic Cupping and more. The treatment can be tailored to sports enthusiasts to help recover from training and work outs, and to keep their bodies in peak condition. Muscular Corrective Therapy A typical session will incorporate Muscular Corrective Therapy, establishing a solid foundation to build upon within each session. Muscular Corrective Therapy (MCT) is a soft tissue manipulation method developed by Lester Cox, physically re-positioning muscles, tendons, ligaments and cartilage into their correct position leading to an alleviation of the condition. Therapeutic & Deep Tissue Massage Our Therapeutic Massage is the perfect way to let go of stress and tension or simply for pure enjoyment. Especially suited for people with back, neck and shoulder pain, or those experiencing a high stress lifestyle. A generally much calmer option than remedial treatments, our Therapeutic Massage combines soft flowing Swedish Massage strokes, Deep Tissue, pressure points, Lymphatic Drainage, face massage, Reflexology and foot massage - Aromatherapy oils are incorporated leaving you totally relaxed and improving overall well-being. We offer Reiki/ Energy Balancing incorporated within our 90 min Full Body Therapeutic Massage sessions. We hope you feel completely at ease, content and refreshed. For more information about any of the professional treatments that are provided, please visit the website: Fairfield Massage Therapy
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Qualifications & Associations
  • Dip. Remedial Massage Therapy MIMT
  • Cert. IV Sports and Therapeutic Massage MIMT
  • Cert. Muscular Corrective Therapy Lester Cox
  • Cert. Second Degree REIKI Martine Salerno
  • Cert. Counselling & Bodywork Therapies Phoenix Rising Aust.
  • Certified Member IICT & Massage Australia.

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